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“Re-cip-ro-cal” adjective, definition:  When two or more people are carrying out, or have carried out, a similar action with both receiving mutual benefit or consequence.

Can we go on short-term missions trips that don’t do damage and in fact serve everyone? Too often the only people who receive the benefit of a short-term missions trip are the trip participants. Many books and critics have called out the damage many short-term missions groups do to local communities. But is there really no good that can come from these trips? The book you’re considering here provides a healthy path forward, a path that will guide us into short-term missions that mutually benefit everyone involved, both ministry host and mission trip goer.

If we want to do short-term missions with excellence, then we must be willing to do the hard but rewarding work of relationships.

With a combined 45 years of experience, DJ Schuetze, who hosts hundreds of short-term missions groups a year, and Phil Steiner, who leads hundreds of people a year on short-term missions trips, have collaborated to bring their experience and expertise to those who lead and host short-term missions trips.

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