About the Authors:

Phil Steiner

Phil Steiner is the co-founder and President of Be2Live a service and justice organization with a mission to inspire world changers. Phil has worked with high school students for the last twenty years and is passionate about helping people understand and discover who they are, who God is and how they can use their gifts to join Him in His heart for justice and the restoration of all things. Phil Steiner is a graduate of Taylor University and a graduate of Kilns College with a Masters of Arts in Social Justice. Phil is crazy about his family, surfing the perfect wave, running, coaching basketball and cheering on the Ohio State Buckeyes.

Phil’s Blog: philsteiner.net       Contact Phil at philsteiner77@gmail.com

DJ Schuetze

DJ Schuetze, along with his wife, Lynette, left a successful California business in April of 1993 to manage a struggling orphanage in Baja Mexico. Over the last 25 years, with their oversight and direction, the orphanage has grown into one of the largest homes in Baja caring for over one hundred children. Today the home is used as a model for homes in several countries caring for at-risk children.
Along with the orphanage, Door of Faith Ministries hosts close to 300 short-term missions teams annually, leading them into impact-full, life-changing, reciprocal missions experiences. DJ is passionate about quality orphan care and effective short-term missions.
DJ serves as President of Door of Faith Ministries, President of Strong Tower Ministries, and participates as an advisor to several other ministries and boards.

DJ’s Blog:  djfromtheorphanange.org     Contact DJ at  dj@djfromtheorphanage.org